Shen Min, vice mayor of Ningbo, and his party inspected Longyuan Construction Group

Time : 2020-12-25

TwelvemonthTwenty-threeShen Min, vice mayor of Ningbo, and his party went to Longyuan construction group to inspect and guide the work. Jin Weiping, Deputy Secretary General of Ningbo municipal government, Chen shoudan, director of Ningbo Municipal Bureau of housing and urban rural development, Liang Chengchu, executive deputy commander in chief of the headquarters of Ningbo Airport Economic Demonstration Zone, and Fu Xiao, leader of Zhejiang group of Ningbo Yangtze River Delta office. Lai Zhaohui, President of Longyuan construction group, Dai Ying, vice president of Longyuan construction group, and Lin Shengmin, general manager of Ningbo Branch, assistant president of the group, warmly received Shen Min and his party.

At the forum, Lai Zhaohui reported on the development of long yuan since this year. Since the beginning of this year, Longyuan Construction Group has overcome the impact of the epidemic, and coordinated development of infrastructure investment, construction and financial investment, forming the joint force of business expansion of the group, making steady progress in performance and further cultivating Longyuan ecology. The group has the honor to become the only private enterprise shareholder of the national green development fund, and jointly established the CITIC environment fund with CITIC environment, further making breakthroughs in the field of green environmental protection.

As a local enterprise from Xiangshan, Longyuan Construction Group has always been concerned about its hometown. In recent years, the annual output value of Longyuan is aboutTwo hundredIn Ningbo, the annual tax amount is nearly 100 million yuanThreeIn the past three years, the total tax amount has reached 100 million yuan9.Three100 million yuan. Actively participate in the innovation of infrastructure investment and financing mode in my hometown, through the investment of capital+Bank loans have been implemented more thanSixtyInfrastructure projects worth 100 million yuan. Actively participate in various public welfare activities in Ningbo and donate money to Ningbo UniversityThreeSixty0Longyuan construction Finance Research Institute of Ningbo University. Lai Chaohui said that the group was established this yearFortyOn the anniversary, Longyuan will further carry forward the spirit of "Yongshang" and show the style of "Yongshang", striving for the vision of a better city builder and a happy life operator. He expected the local government to give more support to local enterprises, further promote the development of enterprises and enhance their strength.

Shen Min, on behalf of Ningbo municipal government, thanks Longyuan Construction Group for its dedication to his hometown. He pointed out that Longyuan, as one of the most famous construction enterprises in Ningbo, has explored and advanced in the fierce construction market competition, and has made Ningbo's construction industry a national brand and image. Shen Min said that Longyuan has been using its own business initiatives to build bricks and mortar for his hometown, train talents for the transformation and upgrading of his hometown's construction industry, and support his hometown's development with tax and public welfare actions, which is very rare. The relevant departments of Ningbo municipal government will solve the problems for the enterprises in time, provide strong backing for the enterprises in their hometown, and help the enterprises to move forward.

Accompanied by Lai Chaohui, Shen Min and his party visited Longyuan exhibition hall

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