Longyuan construction donated one million yuan to help the education development of Zhejiang a & F University

Time : 2020-12-15

TwelvemonthTwelveLongyuan Construction Group donated to Zhejiang agriculture and Forestry UniversityOne hundredTen thousand yuan, for the educational development project of Zhejiang agriculture and Forestry University. This is another step forward of Longyuan Construction Group on the road of education and public welfare.

As early asEighteenYears ago, Longyuan construction group had an indissoluble bond with Zhejiang a & F University: the Donghu campus library, the landmark building of Zhejiang a & F University, was built by Longyuan. The total area of the library istwenty-one thousand five hundred and fiftySquare meters withTwo hundredMan and manFive hundredThere is a conference hall with simultaneous interpretation, film and television broadcasting, book collection and reading hall, book retrieval hall and leisure hall. A group of Zhejiang a & F University students read and study in this spacious, transparent and bright library, carrying their dreams to the society.

Wholly owned subsidiary of Longyuan Construction Group——Ding Hongyun, general manager of Longyuan (Zhejiang) Infrastructure Investment Co., Ltd., delivered a speech at the donation ceremony as a representative of the group. He said that long yuan was very honored to contribute a little to the establishment of "ecological entrepreneurial university" again for Zhejiang a & F University. He hoped that in the future, he could make use of the University's human resources, strengthen cooperation with Zhejiang a & F University, and jointly create a new chapter of development.

As a firm practitioner of philanthropy, Longyuan Construction Group has always been highly concerned about education. fromNinetySince the beginning of lai'ao hope primary school, which donated money to Chairman Lai Zhenyuan in the s, long yuan has been carrying out educational public welfare activities. In recent years, Longyuan has been set up in ruiquan middle school in Shaanxi ProvinceOne hundred and fiftyTen thousand scholarships donated to urban and rural schools in Tiantai County, Zhejiang ProvinceOne hundred and five万元的“同步课堂”教学设备kok体育手机版kok体育手机版kok体育手机版,联合杭州日报文体副刊中心在云安小镇共同打造公益阅读圣地“七month图书馆”,并在今年Sixmonth捐赠宁波大学3Six00Longyuan construction Finance Research Institute of Ningbo University.

As a practitioner of green development, pursuer of green building, promoter of sustainable development and investor of ecological protection, Longyuan Construction Group has been actively participating in the development of domestic green environmental protection related undertakings, and is also the only private enterprise to participate in the national green development fund. So far, Longyuan Construction Group has started to implement more than green environmental protection infrastructure projectsOne hundredThe project area covers watershed management, river regulation, ecological restoration, urban and rural sewage treatment and other fields. Zhejiang a & F University, as a multi-disciplinary university with the characteristics of agriculture, forestry and ecological environment, has put forward the development strategic goal of "domestic well-known ecological entrepreneurial university", and has built an ecological campus with "two parks in one", which is the national ecological civilization education base. Longyuan construction group hopes that through this in-depth cooperation, it can further give play to the advantages of the group and Zhejiang a & F University in their respective fields, and continuously contribute wisdom and strength to green ecology.

Shen Manhong, Secretary of the Party committee of Zhejiang agriculture and Forestry University, said that the university should seek greater opportunities for cooperation on the basis of serving rural revitalization, ecological civilization construction and construction of a strong province with higher education. The development of the university is inseparable from the support of all sectors of society. Zhejiang a & F University will make full use of the amplification effect of social donations to promote the leapfrog development of the University and make greater contributions to the economic and social development.

In the future, Longyuan Construction Group will continue to take public welfare charity as the long-term responsibility and goal of Longyuan construction group. At the same time, we will continue to implement it in the field of prefabricated construction and infrastructure investmentThe concept of "green development" constantly contributes to "green development and livable city".

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